Welcome To My Site

Some of you are already a little familiar with Kathy’s Trip Tips on another website. I haven’t been posting there or on any of my social media for a while, because I’ve been working tirelessly to improve on every aspect of 1 of a Kind Vacations.

Over the past several months I and 1 of a Kind Vacations have been through a sort of renaissance.

When I started all this back in August 2017, I just jumped in with both feet thinking I had enough background to get things done. Beeeeeeeep! Wrong!

I have spent 40-50 hours per week learning, over the last 8 months. I’ve taken mind-numbing online courses, and I’ve learned there will be no end to them. On the other hand, I absolutely love what I’m doing, so I’m a happy girl. The blog is secondary.

I’ve taken enough classes to become a website builder, certified in more destinations, and run a business. Still struggling with the business plan, but that’s another post.

Anyhow, just like the Phoenix on my Logo, I too am rising from the ashes. So please stay tuned for Fresh new content, shhhhh there will be prizes.

NO NO NO Don’t Shhhhhhh, by all means, please share this with everyone !


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