Is Venice Done With Tourists?

Venice Wants To Curb Tourism

gray buildings near body of water with boats at daytime
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Every day, during high season, more than 60,000 visitors per day ascend on the city of Venice, Italy. That’s roughly 10,000 more tourists than residents!

There have been articles published, for years, about the rising concerns the locals have about becoming the “Disney Land” of the sea and still, the issues of over overcrowding and vandalism get worse every year.

From visitors “Bathing” in world-famous fountains to vandalizing the Vietnam veteran memorial wall, Venetians are outraged at what tourism is doing to their beautiful city.

Most of the anxiety revolves around the cruise ships. Day in and day out, these ships regurgitate thousands of people out into the city. Many of whom do not seem to care about its history and significance, but rather clogging up the waterways with water taxies so full that the residents have a hard time just getting to work every day.

Government officials are torn between the revenue from the tourists and the damage done to the city. They are considering putting a limit to how many people can enter the city each day and want to ban the big cruise ships from blotting out the scenery around the harbor.

One thought on “Is Venice Done With Tourists?

  1. Quite aptly pointed out..!!
    Over-tourism is a problem plaguing many cities around the world. It is a deal breaker, for all the stakeholders involved, be it tourists, local people or the environment.
    There are however some ways to combat this menace.. Have listed down a few in my blog.. Hope you check them and let me know what you think..!!


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